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30 years old, size 22, and still loving life. I love fashion and I feel good when I get all dolled up in a new outfit. I have an extreme polka dot addiction.

Never been thin, and don’t want to be. I am very content exactly how I am. :)

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no one can ever, ever tell me that I should feel bad or wrong for taking selfies and appreciating my appearance. I will not go back to hating my body and face so much that I couldn’t look at myself without wanting to tear my skin off. no one will ever have a valid reason for why I should feel ashamed of taking photos of myself. I will not put their feelings before my own. I will NOT give up the love I have for myself because it makes somebody uncomfortable or jealous. 

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LOOKING out at a future that is SO BRIGHT that as long as I wear sunscreen I will live long enough to fully enjoy it.  I love where my life is heading.  

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bigguyflyy: for big guy fashion!!!

Jeans: Old Navy

Shirt: Haggar

Hat: Target

Jacket: Vintage


Agreed to model for a friend’s photography class. Talk about getting outside my comfort zone…

…but hey! I don’t hate them! 

We love the look! Thanks for sharing! Find out how you can recreate Michael’s look here.

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I don’t watch much TV, but today I discovered Britain’s Got Talent entry Emma Haslam.
And I thought some of you would like to see her too!
A fat pole dancing instructor with her own business, flexible, strong, beautiful, happy.

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USA Size 18

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I’ve decided I like shorts again. 

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Yo Molly, how do you look so good all the time?

look more outfits!

Jacket: F21+ a few years ago
Sweater: Lane Bryant. you can buy it at any LB
Jeans: JcPenney. 16 dollhairs. yes.
Shoes: Torrid. like 4 years ago. 
Bag: Charming Charlie. 16 dollars again. I don’t spend over 20 dollars on anything but shoes. 

i am cute

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